Our Response to the War

The Upper Galilee Leadership Academy (Mechinat Galil Elyon), which has been operating for 25 years to take part in national missions and cultivate the next generation of leadership, is preparing the northern home front.

Since the wave of atrocities on Saturday, many kibbutzim in the north have been on high alert, border communities have been evacuated, and educational institutions throughout the country have been closed. The clouds of war on the northern front are closer than ever. Residents who were not evacuated were asked to remain in or near shelters. The result is a social pressure cooker that is not currently a government priority, but is of the utmost national importance. The northern home front is a vital frontline.

Our contribution

For the national mission of preparing the northern home front, Mechinat Galil Elyon is joining with all 300 participants, who are spread throughout the Galilee.

We need immediate resources to operate the various activities and ensure that the home front is ready.

Opening of shelters

Collecting food and equipment

Distraction activities for children

Helping elderly without family support

Daycare for children

Assisting in evacuated family reception centers

Assisting in civilian evacuation

Assisting the council & other aid organizations


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About Galil Elyon

Whole mechina taking a picture outdoors.

The Upper Galilee Leadership Academy (Mechinat Galil Elyon) was founded in 1998 with the spirit of democracy and pioneering and the mission of shaping identity and cultivating young leaders with values. Who are able to influence and are committed to the Jewish people and the Israeli society. The Academy enforces taking responsibility and leading while being caring and sensitive to one's surroundings for a better future.

Galil Elyon fosters a strong connection to Israeli, Jewish, and Zionist heritage. Our leaders search for the greater impact that they can have within the Israeli society.

The Mechina has 5 groups throughout the Galilee (including a six-month program for youth from all over the world). There are a total of 300 participants a year and 2,500 alumni.